Self Ligating Appliances

3M™ Self-Ligating systems offer you a wide range of solutions to suit your treatment style and patient preferences.

Jamuna International is a supplier of the following Self-Ligating systems from 3M Unitek.

  • Clarity SL MBT 022 5x5 U/L Self Ligating (20 brackets)
  • Clarity SL MBT 022 3x3 U/L Self Ligating (12 brackets)
  • Smart Clip - Self Ligating System MBT 022 5x5 (SL3)
  • Victory Series Active Self -Ligating Brackets
Clarity™ SL Self-Ligating Appliance System

Clarity™ SL Self-Ligating Brackets incorporating SmartClip™ Self-Ligating System technology, are the only ceramic brackets that are passive self-ligating and feature an open slot, true twin edgewise design. You can feel confident that Clarity SL brackets will deliver difference-making advantages throughout every phase of treatment.

The products from the Clarity™ SL Self-Ligating Brackets series marketed by Jamuna International in India are:

  • Clarity SL MBT 022 5x5 U/L Self Ligating (20 brackets): These are ceramic self ligating brackets used for Orthodontic Treatment
  • Clarity SL MBT 022 3x3 U/L Self Ligating (12 brackets): Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets are a revolutionary leap forward in orthodontic ceramic brackets. These advanced brackets offer the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance to your patients. These are made using fine-grained ceramic material and are created through an injection-molding process. These brackets are marked by brilliant aesthetics, trusted strength & small bracket design, predictable & consistent debonding and enhanced patient comfort.
  • Unique stress concentrator, a hallmark of the 3M™ Clarity™ brand
  • Innovative design allows for easy mesial-distal debonding
  • Debond on or off the archwire
  • Make the debonding visit a positive part of the treatment experience
  • Ultra-small translucent brackets,designed to blend with one's natural tooth color
  • Resists staining and discoloration throughout treatment
  • Offer trusted strength in a small size and profile
  • Patient-focused, dome-shaped design
  • Smooth rounded corners from injection-molding process
  • Rounded bi-directional ball hook angled for patient comfort
SmartClip™ SL3 Self-Ligating Appliance System

With the SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Appliance System, archwire engagement and disengagement can be easy by following a simple but important technique. The SmartClip Appliance Hand Instrument has been designed specifically for use with SmartClip Appliances for engagement and disengagement of all sizes and types of archwires. With its unique Nitinol clip ligating mechanism, SmartClip Self-Ligating brackets allow orthodontists to realize efficiencies not available with other traditional self-ligating designs. Around the world, clinicians tell us about the efficiencies they experience by using the SmartClip™ Appliance System.

The product from SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Appliance System supplied by Jamuna International is the Smart Clip is:

Self Ligating System MBT 022 5x5 (SL3): Enhanced self-ligating appliance system that features an evolved third generation clip, improved self-ligating molar brackets and additional prescriptions for the results you expect this is the Only Metal True Twin Self-ligating Bracket! Compared to earlier versions, the advanced SL3 clip on SmartClip™ SL3 Brackets noticeably reduces wire insertion forces and also reduces the removal forces required for large wires.

The SmartClip™ SL3 Self-Ligating Appliance System is offered in the MBT™ System prescription, as well as Ricketts (High Torque) and Roth(Low Torque) prescriptions, giving Orthodontists the option to select the treatment philosophy that works most efficiently in their practice. Alternatively, individualized treatment based on the diagnosis of each patient can be prescribed via components from the three prescriptions utilizing the Variable Prescription Orthodontics(VPO) concept.

  • True Twin Design
  • Clip Retaining Rotation Arm
  • Rounded, Dome-Shaped Tie-wing
  • ID Dimple with Ink Dots
  • Nitinol Self-ligating Clips
  • Metal Injection Molded Bracket
  • No moving parts or doors to open and close-saves time over ligated brackets or competitive SL brackets
  • Clips snapped over protrusion prior to laser welding base to bracket-creates clip stability
  • One step archwire engagement-reduces chair time for better chairside productivity
  • Quicker archwire removal-cut the archwire toward the anterior and pull out
  • Low engagement force-2 to 3 lbs of force needed to engage archwire
Victory Series™ Active Self-Ligating Brackets

Victory Series™ Active Self-Ligating Brackets are an outstanding new treatment choice from 3M Unitek. They've been coupled with available APC™ II Adhesive coating so you and your patients can enjoy the world's most efficient bonding system along with the advantages of self-ligating technology.

Jamuna International is an authorised distributor of Victory Series™ Active Self-Ligating Brackets in India

Victory Series Active Self-Ligating Brackets offer dynamic interaction between the ligating mechanism and the archwire as treatment phases change, with performance advantages in each phase.

Quality manufactured to strict tolerances and extensively tested to assure reliability, Victory Series Active Self-Ligating Brackets will help you effectively treat even the most difficult cases with confidence. Designed using practitioner insights and experience, Victory Series Active Self-Ligating Brackets distinguish themselves by addressing many of today's common door bracket concerns.

  • Accurate Bracket Placement & Positioning
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort
  • Reliable Self-Ligating Door Mechanism
  • Easy to Open & Close Door
  • Design Advantages for Treatment Flexibility
  • Intricate Base for Greater Bond Strength