Archwire Products

3M Unitek offers the most comprehensive, high performance lines of orthodontic wire available anywhere. These wires feature a wide selection of characteristics, qualities and dimensions manufactured to the industry's most precise tolerances.

Over twenty years ago, 3M Unitek pioneered the use of nickel titanium into orthodontists' wire progression plans, creating what would be one of the top ten innovations in orthodontic treatment. Today, 3M Unitek offers three variations of Nitinol Archwire: Nitinol Classic, Nitinol Heat-Activated, and Nitinol Super-Elastic.

Unitek™ Nitinol Classic Archwire: Developed as an alternative to stainless steel archwires, this "Classic" archwire continues to provide the linear elasticity and bendability of high strength steel and the elastic working range and lighter forces that only a nickel titanium can deliver. It was the first and continues to be the most versatile.

Unitek™ Nitinol Heat-Activated Archwire: Unitek Nitinol Heat-Activated archwire is thermally activated super-elastic archwire. It is the easiest of Nitinol wires to engage and it delivers light continuous forces that effectively move teeth.

Unitek™ Nitinol Super-Elastic Archwire: Unitek Nitinol Super-Elastic is easy to engage and maintains light continuous forces with a range between Nitinol Heat-Activated and Nitinol Classic.

Jamuna International is a authorised distributor of 3M Unitek's Archwire Products in India:

  • Niti - Round Wire 10/pk (014, 016 & 018)
  • Niti - Rectangular Wire 10/pk (16x22, 17x25, 18x25, 19x25 & 21x25)
  • Heat Activated wire Round 10/pk - HANT (014 & 016)
  • Heat Activated wire Rect. 10/pk - HANT (16x22,17x25 & 19x25)
  • Stainless Steel - Round Wire 10/pk (014,016 & 018)
  • Stainless Steel - Rectangular 10/pk (16x22,17x25,18x25 & 19x25)
  • S.S.Posted Arch Wire (10/pk)
  • Niti Open Coil Spring (3/tube)
  • Niti Closed Coil Spring (10/pk)
  • Lingual Retainer - Twisted Wire ( 25 /pk)