Jamuna International sells the following intra-oral products from 3M Unitek.

  • Modules - Quick Stik A-1 (1020 nos) Gray/Clear/Asstored/Abscure:
    • No Latex
    • A-1 or A-2 modules
    • 60 modules per stick
    • Central thumb ring
    • A-1 is .125 in. (3.2 mm) outer diameter
    • A-2 is .094 in. (2.4 mm) outer diameter
  • Alastik bobbin Chain -Spool Gray/Clear - Short & Long: No latex, color coordinated bobbin for easy identification
  • Easy - To - Tie - Ligature ( 45 deg Ang.): AlastiK™ Easy-To-Tie Ligatures are designed with a 45° bend which makes tie-wing hook-up easier and more efficient than ever before. The unique angled shape reduces the range of movement needed for bracket ligation, improving the entire process for you and the patient. With less contact of the placement tool with the patient's lips, patient comfort is enhanced.
  • Forsus - Fatigue Single Patient Kit 25mm/29mm/32mm/35mm: The Forsus™ Fatigue Resistant Device EZ2 Module continues the tradition of the earlier Forsus EZ Module, offering a durable, compliancefree Class II corrector that can be installed in one appointment. The new Forsus EZ2 Module is just as easy to work with, but can now withstand higher force levels and is even more durable.